Ireland - AgTech Island



Ireland combines an innovative domestic Agri-food industry with the European home of Silicon Valley’s tech giants making it a natural home for Finistere’s EU presence


We’re excited to build the bridge between Ireland, the EU and the Californian innovation ecosystem to support the next world-beating AgTech companies.


Launch of the Ireland AgTech Fund. Cathal Fitzgerald (Head of Food and Agriculture Investments, ISIF), Kieran Furlong (Partner, FV), Michael Creed (Minister for Agriculture, Ireland), Arama Kukutai (Partner, FV) and Spencer Maughan (Partner, FV)

The Ireland AgTech Fund

Finistere has partnered with the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund to create the €20M Ireland AgTech Fund (IAF). The IAF is seeking world class entrepreneurial teams and technologies with the potential for rapid growth in companies that are:

  • Domestic Irish start-ups
  • Overseas companies seeking to establish a presence in the E.U. leveraging Ireland’s talent pool, research partnerships and market access
  • Start-ups anywhere around the globe that can create value for Irish farmers and food producers

The IAF aims to make these investments in collaboration with both local and international investors where our Irish presence allows us to take a leading role in syndication. The Fund size reflects our view that a targeted pool of capital supporting both local tech and inbound investment will be effective for both building the AgTech Island vision and delivering financial returns.


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