Arama Kukutai

Partner, San Diego

Arama Kukutai is a co-founder and partner at Finistere Ventures. Arama has been a company founder and entrepreneur in the Agribusiness sector with over 20 years experience. He served as Executive Chairman of PKW Farms, a successful agribusiness and diversified investment entity involved in dairy farming and aquaculture activities in New Zealand, Asia and Australia. Arama also led the New Zealand government’s Trade & Investment agency in North America, following which he emigrated to the USA. He has led the creation of Finistere’s global network in AgTech which includes offices in Tel Aviv, San Diego and Silicon Valley, and Dublin, Ireland. Mr. Kukutai serves on the boards as a Director or Observer of current portfolio companies AgGenetics, Biolumic, Crop Pro Insurance, CropX, Hi Fidelity Genetics, Plenty, Taranis and Zeakal. Arama holds law and agronomy degrees from the Victoria University of Wellington (NZ).