Finistere Ventures and PitchBook Launch 2017 Agtech Investment Review

SEATTLE, WA & SAN DIEGO, CA — September 28, 2017 — Finistere Ventures and PitchBook’s 2017 Agtech Investment Review is our first in-depth collaboration with a venture firm on a specific vertical. We’ve collaborated with Finistere Ventures to carefully build, curate, and classify the best agtech dataset available to date, providing the deepest insight as to activity in the sector. The report covers key trends in agtech investment across multiple facets of the agtech space, from indoor agriculture to plant science, and includes insight gleaned from interviews with industry experts.

Key highlights:

  • An introduction by Adrian Percy, head of Bayer Crop Science
  • $1.3B already invested in 2017 to date across both PE & VC in agtech
  • 102 unique investors active in agtech VC in past two years
  • Custom datasets on indoor agriculture, plant science & other agtech segments
  • A market map of agtech, featuring select companies
  • League tables of most active investment firms in agtech VC activity


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