Global Financing Trends Revealed in 2018 Agtech Investment Review

PALO ALTO, CA — December 6, 2018 — Agtech venture pioneer Finistere Ventures today released its “2018 Agtech Investment Review,” providing in-depth insight on global financing activity, industry trends, regional variations, and a comprehensive exploration of challenges and opportunities in Latin America.

We are committed to closing the gap in agtech investment data by collaborating with leaders in the global ecosystem. As the market matures, investors need accurate insights into financing activity and metrics across all subsectors and geographies.
Arama Kukutai, Partner Finistere Ventures

Developed in collaboration with PitchBook, with additional input from DLA Piper, EY and Wells Fargo, the report found that $1.6 billion has been invested in agtech globally in 2018 as of Q3 2018. With agtech deals on track to meet or exceed $2B, median deal size rose to $10 million as shifting consumer preferences drove a funding surge in burgeoning investments areas such as alternative proteins.

Additional findings include:

  • Growing maturation of agtech investment sector, including investors focusing on capital-light segments and increasing capital deployment in later-stage companies scaling up
  • Increasing late-stage median deal sizes ($10M, up from $9M in 2017) and valuations ($78M, up from $50M in 2017)
  • Decreasing early stage agtech financing deal sizes (down to $2.95M from $4.5M in 2017) and valuations ($10M, down from $15.3M 2017)
  • Lion’s share of capital invested in Crop Protection & Inputs Management (36%) and (previously under invested) Plant Sciences (11%) thanks to the $65M Series C financing of Benson Hill Biosystems
  • Number of large, $25M+ financings continues to increase

“We are committed to closing the gap in agtech investment data by collaborating with leaders in the global ecosystem. As the market matures, investors need accurate insights into financing activity and metrics across all subsectors and geographies,” said Arama Kukutai, co-founder and Partner at Finistere Ventures.

The “2018 Agtech Investment Review” includes:

  • Expert analyses of the global agtech market evolution with added perspective on opportunities in specific regions and subsectors;
  • Agtech deal flow by deal stage, region and subsector from 2010 through 2018;
  • An updated agtech taxonomy and an examination of financing in core categories, including agriculture marketplace/fintech, animal technologies, crop protection/input management, imagery, indoor agriculture, plant science, precision agriculture and sensors/farm equipment;
  • A current “leaderboard” of the top ten companies in each category based on total raised (last 3 years);
  • Commentary on macro trends in global agriculture, industry consolidation and venture transaction in the key segments; and
  • A deep dive into regional variations, challenges, investment trends and opportunities in Latin America.

As Finistere explores trends in leading agtech innovation geographies, the next report will focus on the European Union. For a detailed analysis of early stage agtech funding activity or specific trends in Australia/New Zealand, Canada and Israel, please review the “2018 Early-Stage Agtech Report.”

Download the complete report here to examine the findings in more detail, assess the research methodology and explore the taxonomy classifying agtech innovations. Please contact to contribute additional data for future reports.

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