Tech Crunch and Venture Beat Cover Taranis Series B

On the heels of a $20M Series B, Tech Crunch and Venture Beat each cover Taranis’ latest fundraise. From Tech Crunch:

Viola Ventures partner Zvika Orron said “After analyzing the digital farming industry, we proudly chose Taranis to be our first investment in this space. Taranis has all the necessary ingredients to become the leader in farm digitalization: a comprehensive precision agriculture solution, leading industry partners to scale and penetrate the market and a passionate team making it all happen.”

From Venture Beat:

“We are excited to advance our mission of providing farmers with the technology and know-how to effectively maximize crop yields while maintaining operational efficiency,” Schlam said. “We have already helped thousands of farmers monitor crops for potential hazards. Now we’re looking forward to expanding our footprint around the globe.”

Taranis’ core product, the eponymous Taranis UHR, captures multispectral imagery — photographs produced by sensors that measure reflected energy within several bands of the electromagnetic spectrum — at 8-12cm using a proprietary sensor pod that minimizes motion blur. The company retains a fleet of 60 Cessna aircraft to perform that photography at scale, frequently at altitudes as low as 10-30m.

Part of that imaging tech comes from San Francisco company Mavrx, which Taranis acquired in May. According to Schlam, each plane can cover up to 50,000 acres per day, or a 100-acre field in just over five minutes — a fraction of the time it’d take a team of human scouts.

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