Press Covers Latest Zeakal Financing

AgFunder covers a $15M financing from Zeakal along with the additional of Paul Schickler to the Zeakal board.  From the article:


ZeaKal, a San-Diego biotech startup that neatly tweaks genetic crop traits to improve their rates of photosynthesis, has just publicly revealed it closed a Series C financing round.

Totaling $15 million, the round includes the $10 million strategic investment from Canopy Rivers announced earlier this year. Existing investors Finistere Ventures and Middleland Capital participated in the round, which was oversubscribed.

Adding to all the funding fanfare, Finistere also proudly boasted how it had been playing corporate cupid, matchmaking ZeaKal with an “ideal fit” for a leadership position. That ideal fit turns out to be long-time DuPont high flyer Paul Schickler, who will take on a top-level role at Zeakal driving strategy and partnerships.

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