Mike Pereira


Mike Pereira is an agronomist with Finistere. Mike is a highly accomplished agriculturalist with extensive experience over a 39 year career in agronomy, seeds, and biofuels. Mike has held executive leadership positions with Syngenta’s and Limagrain’s global seed production organizations and has a proven track record in establishing new production systems, technologies and areas. In biofuels, he established the first hybrid seed system for Miscanthus, an ethanol feedstock for Mendel Bioenergy Seeds, and also established and directed hybrid seed production and plantation research of Jatropha, a diesel and jet fuel feedstock for SGB, Inc. Throughout his career, Mike has focused on the importance of targeted agronomy for success in agriculture. Currently, Mike also is associated with the Seed Biotechnology Center of UC Davis as an instructor for Seed Business 101 and as the lead instructor for the short course Seed Production.